Emotions and Its Management in Patanjala Yoga

by - May 08, 2018


Maharshi Patanjali turned into revered sage and eminent pupil on Yoga and Samkhya Philosophy. He accomplished demanding research work almost about Yoga and prepared its ideas and Practices of in a systematic manner. His classical paintings at the concern has been one of the maximum proper and traditional teachings to fallow the yogic lifestyles.

Patanjala Yoga Sutras is classical work of the sage Patanjali which is also referred to as Ashtanga or Raja Yoga. The traditional text explains the character of the mind and the reasons of the disturbances to the mind. the second chapter of the textual content presents the dependent method to obtain the peace of mind thru its principles and practices. Sage beautifully describes the character of disturbances and the strategies to counter these troubles.


feelings are the feelings or sensations of a person in courting with others in specific circumstances. nice nation of the emotional balance helps to explicit the right behavior and developments of the character. The imbalance of the emotional states brings an increasing number of sufferings leading to the intellectual distractions, pain and anxiety. Sage Patanajli explains the five afflictions are the essential resources of the human miseries which are very powerful to disturb the nature of our feelings too.

Psycho body structure of emotional upsets

The disturbed feelings have very strong influence on our physical and mental health. the various psychosomatic sicknesses of the contemporary time are rooted within the imbalance of these emotions. They throw out the rhythm of the endocrinal profile affecting the everyday secretions of the among the hormones. body structure of numerous structures in our frame is being inspired with the aid of the imbalances. The irregularity of the biochemical secretions impacts our digestion main to digestive issues inclusive of acidity, constipation and indigestion

control of emotions in Yoga

The exercise of yoga is one of the most effective manner to maintain the solid emotions and prevent the psychosomatic diseases. The Sage in his sutras recommends inculcating the characteristics to harness the concord within the existence.

PYS 1.33 Says

The spirit of the friendliness must be entertained with the ones who've experienced happiness, a sense of compassion in the direction of individuals who are in misery, a spirit of desirable will in the direction of the folks who are within the course of virtues and the indifference towards the vice. This kind of method allows to present rise to purity of mind and emotions. Purified mind attains unmarried pointedness, finally attains the serenity.

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