Egg Freezing: Is It for You?

by - September 17, 2017

you think you want to have a child -- at some point. What are you able to do these days to ensure your eggs are equipped when you are?

One option is to have your eggs harvested and fertilized -- simply as ladies who get in vitro fertilization (IVF) do -- however rather of having them implanted, ensuing embryos are frozen and stored. Your organic clock ticks to your ovaries, not your uterus, so whether you have those embryos implanted at 35 or forty or forty five, they'll still be embryos produced from "younger" eggs -- and much more likely to be wholesome.

but what in case you do not need to use a sperm donor or a casual boyfriend to help create embryos which can one day emerge as your youngsters? are you able to just freeze your eggs and feature them fertilized later?

till recently, that become a unstable proposition. The egg -- the largest cellular in the human body -- consists of a full-size amount of water. consider what regularly happens whilst you freeze water into ice cubes after which start to thaw it. The ice can crack.

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"The egg consists of everything important for early embryonic improvement, however any sort of ruin inside its structures can harm it," says Teresa okay. Woodruff, PhD. She's the chief of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology-Fertility maintenance at Northwestern college Feinberg college of drugs in Chicago. For years, health professionals taken into consideration egg freezing experimental, with achievement quotes below the ones for either embryo freezing or the usage of sparkling "donor" eggs.

however thanks in huge part to a new generation known as vitrification, egg freezing is ready for prime time. "Vitrification takes all the water-like substances in the egg and transitions them with out the cracking that may arise at some stage in freezing or thawing," Woodruff says.

As of fall 2012, the american Society for Reproductive remedy took the "experimental" label off the generation. There have now been greater than 2,000 stay births from frozen eggs, approximately 1,000 in the past 5 years.

Age still topics. Your remaining odds of a a success pregnancy are extra in case you're younger whilst you freeze your eggs. if you do it when you're 30, there may be approximately a thirteen.2% danger of getting pregnant in a given cycle, compared with simply eight.6% with eggs frozen at forty.

"that is a first rate leap forward," Woodruff says. "Being able to bank eggs presents actual autonomy for ladies."

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How does it work? Egg freezing is much like in vitro fertilization: Fertility pills are used to stimulate your ovaries to make more than one mature eggs in one cycle. docs then harvest your eggs in an ultrasound-guided method under light anesthesia. however as opposed to being fertilized and implanted, the eggs are frozen -- and might live that way for 10 years or greater.

What does it cost? In fashionable, a cycle prices about $10,000. garage of the eggs runs around $500 a year, and an egg thaw cycle is about $5,000. IVF is then needed to fertilize the egg and implant the embryo --that also can value round $10,000.

Does insurance cowl the system? now not typically, although it can cowl part of the cost of a few medicines. you will must pay the fertility center and request any repayment from your coverage provider.

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